I am a Senior Member of Technical Staff at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, NM working on uncertainty quantification and validation & verification problems. I specialize in Polynomial Chaos Expansions and sparse-grid methods. In March 2015 I defended my PhD from Duke in the Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science department. My dissertation may be found in the Duke library.

In addition to my professional interest, I am an avid cyclist, chef, and home brewer.

I also maintain a kitchen laboratory notebook I call KitchenKatalog. It is open to the public but really not written with the public in mind. It is a way for me (and my wife) to see what we have made (including changes), collect recipes, and have a long-lasting reference. In August 2015, I got fed-up with WordPress (a common target for hacking) and decided to use (and greatly expand) my burgeoning Python knowledge to remake the site myself (and export the old content[1]). It is very much a work-in-progress, but I am happy with it so far (though I want to redo the internals to be faster and more efficient).

  1. Not an easy undertaking requiring lots of little edge cases.  ↩